From OC Lifeguard Megan,


From Surfside Lifeguard Byran Kine,
"What a blast! Definitely going again!  I had a great time learning how to Kite Board. It was my first time trying it, and Parker at SoCal Kitesurfing was the best. I was amazed at how quickly he could detect and correct even the smallest mistakes.  I had a great time learning Kitesurfing from Parker. He was a great instructor and he worked at my pace. I was never bored, and never rushed. Their knowledge of the sport and vast collection of gear paired well to give me the best experience. I definitely am going to use SoCal Kitesurfing again in the future, and have no hesitations recommending them to anybody looking to try the sport."


Tower 8, Long Beach, Ca

The lesson with SoCal Kitesurfing was fun and engaging. We took bite size steps and were flying kites and on the water in no time!

The experience was fun, interesting, and worthwhile.

As a lifeguard I was able to learn how to recognize trouble before it happened, how to assist a kitesurfer at launch to help reduce the chance of an unwanted predicament, and confidence in handling the daunting-looking equipment. Overall, I can now recognize more critical information each time I scan the water and be of better assistance to the kitesurfer on the beach. I would recommend that any lifeguard monitoring kitesurfers get to a level where they can fly a kite, assist in launching and landing a kite, and assist a tired kiter outside the swim area.

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